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Where to Properly Dispose Of Your Asbestos In Adelaide!


It is important to handle and remove asbestos with care to prevent dangerous exposures. For centuries, asbestos has been a primary ingredient in products like construction material. But in recent times, researchers identified the adverse effects the substance has on health.


As products made from asbestos begin to wear and tear, or when they are disturbed during a home renovation process, the toxic fibers can lead to hazardous exposure. Fortunately, working with a highly qualified asbestos removal company can help test the presence of asbestos in your home and conduct asbestos abatement early enough. Once asbestos removal is complete, we can assist you in its safe disposal.


How to Dispose of Asbestos

Someone who does not have the right training or certification should not try to remove any material that contains asbestos. So, before you begin any demolition or renovation process, hire a team of professionals who will take samples of the items that may be broken or damaged before the demolition process. Always keep in mind that all products that may have traces of asbestos can contain the mineral and you should approach them with care.


Preparation for Asbestos Removal

A highly skilled team will conduct a visual inspection to check for any hazards and collect some samples for analysis. If there is a presence of asbestos, an encapsulation or abatement will take place. Although asbestos is considered to be safe if the hosting material is in excellent condition, professionals should always check for any signs of damage.


At Metro Waste, we provide mini bins to pack the waste material for safe asbestos disposal. We also offer micron plastic and duct tape to wrap the element in manageable pieces before we pick them up for waste-disposal. You can get the wrapping products in your local hardware stores in Adelaide.


Asbestos contractors will suggest either complete removal or encapsulation of the materials from the working area, based on the risk of asbestos exposure and the extent of the damage. During encapsulation, the disposable-material will be coated with a sealant to prevent the toxic fibres from getting airborne. If there is a clear exposure to asbestos, the removal of the material will take place. It is expensive to remove the material compared to undertaking the process of encapsulation.


Asbestos Disposal

If you are a homeowner who wants to undertake asbestos disposal from your property, it is essential to work with a company like Metro Waste who have experience in handling asbestos products. Our team of experienced asbestos disposal professionals assures a job well done.


At Metro Waste, we collect hazardous asbestos material from the public. Although we don’t conduct asbestos removal, we can refer you to companies that are highly qualified to remove the asbestos-containing material effectively.


If you plan to partner with a waste management company that has experience in asbestos disposal in Adelaide, contact us today at 08 8443 8827. You can also log onto our website to check out other services we provide for our clients in Adelaide.