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The Environmental Benefit of Dumping Your Rubbish Properly


As far as most people are concerned, the term ‘rubbish dump’ isn’t closely linked with environmentally-friendly practices. At Metro Waste Adelaide dump, however, we are working hard to change this perception.


After talking with the citizens of Adelaide, we have discovered that many residents are totally unaware of the detriment of incorrectly disposing of many different materials. Our Adelaide dump safely eliminates many hazardous materials that can pose serious harm to our local environments.


We continue to seek to educate as well as perform ethically and environmentally sound practices at our Adelaide dump. Continue reading to learn more about how following the correct waste disposal processes can be of benefit to the Adelaide environment.


Hazards of Incorrect Waste Disposal

Proper waste management can have a significant positive impact on both air and water quality. In Adelaide, we are blessed with some of the cleanest air and water in the entire world, and this is not by chance.


Adelaide dumps such as Metro Waste are legally accredited to dispose of potentially hazardous waste including but not limited to asbestos, oils, paints, batteries, gas bottles and more. We have always taken great pride and pleasure in keeping our beautiful city clean and pristine, and this can be attributed in a great deal to Adelaide dumps.


Some materials slowly secrete the chemicals that they are comprised of into our soils, which in turn can end up in our water supply. Correct and legal dumping prevents these particular issues of pollution.


Limiting the Amount That Ends up in Landfills

You might be surprised to know this, but Adelaide dumps such as Metro Waste work hard to prevent materials from finding their way into landfills. Our team works to sort useful and recyclable materials that have been incorrectly placed and then transfers them to an appropriate location where they can be repurposed.


We work closely with recycling depots to ensure that every step is taken to protect our environment from damaging waste. Recycling materials result in less energy used for the creation of new products, which helps limit the use of fossil fuels and other harmful energy sources.


Bottle and Can Recycling

The South Australian initiative to provide a 10-cent refund for plastic bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans have resulted in our litter cycle that is virtually free of these products. It goes to show that a collective effort towards correct waste disposal can have a marked impact on the surrounding environment.


It’s common to think that one person isn’t enough to make a difference, but if everyone could change that mentality, then there’d be a hugely positive shift toward the preservation of our precious environment.


If you want to learn more about correct waste disposal or have some to drop off, then call the friendly team at Metro Waste or visit us at our Adelaide dump today!