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Where Can I Dispose of Asbestos Safely in Adelaide?


Asbestos removal and its correct disposal is a tricky and delicate process that can be extraordinarily dangerous if not handled with care. Metro Waste is one of the few Adelaide dumps that provides the expert service of asbestos disposal.


You cannot just place asbestos in a bin and await its departure. Dangerous microfibres inside asbestos enter the air when it’s disturbed and if they are breathed in they then attach themselves to the lungs and cause irreparable damage.


Waste management workers deserve to work in a safe environment and free from harm. The Adelaide dump at Metro Waste ensures the safest disposal of hazardous materials and puts the health of the public and its staff first.


Conveniently Located

When travelling with dangerous materials such as asbestos, it’s ideal not to have to traverse long and bumpy distances that may damage the load. Luckily, our Adelaide dump is just a stone’s throw outside the CBD.


We have the required licensing and experience to accept all materials that contain traces of asbestos. Our team is equipped to handle specialised services such as asbestos disposal and will safely, effectively and efficiently dispose of all asbestos-containing materials.


Ask for a Referral

At Metro Waste, we are a specialised Adelaide dump and don’t offer asbestos removal as one of our services. However, we do allow the public to hire our asbestos removal gear and equipment as well as supplying professional advice regarding safety protocols.


We do recommend enlisting the services of a professional to complete dangerous tasks such as asbestos removal, but if you have experience in this area, then we can provide you with the correct resources as well as a hazardous waste mini bin.


There is a brilliant network of qualified professionals around Adelaide that we can refer you to if you decide that removing the asbestos yourself could be too difficult. All asbestos is required to be securely wrapped in 200-micron plastic (Fortocon) and taped airtight with duct tape in small and easy to handle packages.


All of these products are available from quality hardware stores around Adelaide as well as from the team at Metro Waste Adelaide dump.


Metro Waste Adelaide Dump

We take the correct disposal of asbestos incredibly seriously and make sure that all safety practices and protocols are followed comprehensively. The catastrophically dangerous nature of asbestos needs to be respected.


Our team has been operating with hazardous waste and materials for over 30 years, so if you have any questions regarding the best way to dispose at our Adelaide dump then don’t hesitate to call us.


Contact Metro Waste Adelaide dump today on 08 8442 8827 for more information or visit us at our premises in Thebarton and ask our staff about the correct safety procedures.