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How to Get Ready for Your Next Trip to the Rubbish Dump


A journey to the rubbish dump isn’t always at the top of your to-do list, but it is a necessary job that will eventually need doing nonetheless. Your shed might be quickly filling up with large items and materials that have outlived their usefulness or aren’t eligible to be placed in your regular council bins.


Whatever your reason for needing to visit a rubbish dump, you should be adequately prepared and ensure that you complete as much as you can in one trip. Luckily, Metro Waste’s rubbish dump and recycling centre has all the equipment and quality staff you’ll need to help you unload quickly and easily.


Hire or Borrow a Trailer

Depending on how much you have to dispose of at our rubbish dump you might want to think about getting your hands on a trailer. Trailers are especially useful because they reduce the need to carefully line the inside of your vehicle to protect its interior.


Lots of items that you’ll want to dispose of at the rubbish dump can have jagged edges and be generally undesirable to have in your vehicle. However, of course, a trailer can also act as extra space for your waste if you’re already utilising a station wagon or large vehicle to transport.


Trailers are easy to pack as well as unload so they’ll help to make your visit as swift as possible. Alternatively, Metro Waste rubbish dump offers a mini skip pick up service if you have a hefty amount to unload.


Separate Your Materials

If you’re recycling plastics and bottles then ensuring they are categorically separated will save you time on your visit. Our friendly, helpful and hardworking staff will assist in organising different materials for you on arrival.


We accept all matters of waste, including hazardous materials as well as green waste and vegetation. Make sure to alert our staff if you have any potentially dangerous waste for us to take care of so that we can employ the correct safety processes and measures.


Ask the Experts

If you have any questions concerning what materials you can and can’t dispose as well as the best ways to pack them, don’t hesitate to call us if you can’t find what you need on our website. We will be happy to offer you advice for the future in waste management and disposal to help make your life easier.


Our rubbish dump is easy to find and conveniently located just minutes outside of the Adelaide CBD, and we aim to assist you where we can.


Bring all of your unused goods to Metro Waste rubbish dump, and we’ll gladly take them off your hands. If it’s time you performed a significant cleanout, think convenience and think Metro Waste rubbish dump.