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5 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home!


Now more than ever, we must take responsibility for the world we live in. Green living often seems intimidating at first. However, it doesn’t take much to help. Getting started is the most crucial part, and a little effort can go a long way.


By reducing waste and committing to responsible rubbish management in your Adelaide home, we can make significant progress towards a healthier environment.


One of the best ways to care for the environment is to reduce the amount of waste we produce. At Metro Waste, we are committed to reducing our carbon print and making the world a better place to live. We want to show you just how easy it is for you to incorporate sustainable habits into your daily routine.


Here are 5 sensible ways in which you can reduce waste at home:


Switch Disposable Goods for Reusable Ones

If you are living like the average person, most of the things you buy and use at home are either disposable or come in disposable containers. Without us realising it, over time these items can produce extraordinary amounts of waste. By making small mindless swaps, we can reduce the amount of waste we produce daily by half!


There are many easy changes you can start applying today. Drink water out of reusable bottles, rather than plastic. When getting coffee, bring along your travel mug and avoid paper cups. Take reusable grocery bags when shopping to avoid plastic bags. Buy food that isn’t packaged or comes in glass jars rather than plastic. These options are great examples of just how effortless sustainability can be.


Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!

While we can make many green swaps, at times, we will be forced to buy products that aren’t reusable. In such cases, it is imperative to sort and dispose of these waste products appropriately, so that they can be processed and recycled.


Recycled materials can be used over and over, saving energy and natural resources that would be required to produce them from scratch. Plus, they save precious space in our already overflowing landfills.


At Metro Waste, recycling is a massive part of our rubbish management process in Adelaide. Within our facilities, we strive to reuse and recycle as much waste as possible, to make our community and our world a better place.


Cook Your Meals

When you get take-out, your hot meal includes a nice amount of disposable waste. Eating-in means no plastic bag, no cardboard boxes and no disposable eating utensils. Plus, by cooking your meals, you look after your body’s well-being as well. Healthy earth, healthy you – it’s a win-win!


Mindful Shopping

We live in a society where frequent shopping is a way of life. Many of us are guilty of unnecessary shopping that leads to excessive waste.

Mindless shopping is a problem for the environment and our finance, whether we are talking groceries, shoes or furniture. Much of the stuff that we buy and barely use end up in the garbage sooner rather than later.


Taking a more in-depth look at our shopping habits and making small adjustments, we can all save a lot of money and diminish the amount of rubbish we produce.


Repair or Repurpose Old Items When You Can

Before bumping out that old coach or slightly worn out boots, think if you could repurpose them or repair them somehow to extend their life. Getting rid of stuff only when they are beyond rescue can make a real difference in the volume of things you get rid off.


Finally, it is vital that you do handle the waste you do produce as responsibly as possible. Metro Waste is committed to green rubbish management for the Adelaide community. Contact us today and find out how we can make waste disposal easier for you.