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The Rubbish Dumping Process


Most of us never think about how to dispose of waste until we find ourselves with some accumulated rubbish to get rid of. Getting familiar with the process is far from challenging. Even if you’ve never done it before, dumping your rubbish in Adelaide doesn’t have to be complicated. At Metro Waste, we’ve made the process as efficient and straightforward as possible. Forty years of experience in waste management has gained us the privilege of being Adelaide's rubbish dump experts.


Let us walk you through exactly how we can help you get rid of waste.


Adelaide Rubbish Dump

Our team has put together many convenient options with your needs in mind to help make waste disposal more manageable. We want you to get your waste out of your home and into our capable hands, without any hassle.


If you’d like to drop off your residential or commercial waste, our doors are open! Metro Waste’s state of the art facility is conveniently located, just minutes away from the city and our opening hours run Monday through Sunday, for your convenience. Plus, we even open during most public holidays.


And, if you’d rather not leave your home, we have you covered. Our efficient skip bin services are the most practical option to set up a waste pickup, large or small.


We Are Ready to Handle All Your Waste Disposal Needs

At Metro Waste, we can handle all residential and commercial waste, including materials with asbestos. We accept all kinds of regular trash, plus green and building waste, paints, oils, gas bottles, tyres, batteries, etc. When in doubt, you can refer to the full list of accepted waste materials on our website.


Not only do we accept the broadest range of waste products, but we dispose of them in the greenest possible way. Recycling and reusing as much as we can is vital to us. At Metro Waste, we hold environmental responsibility as a priority, so you can rest assured you’ve handed over your waste to the right team.


What Happens Once You've Dropped off Your Waste?

In our Adelaide facilities, the first step in the rubbish dumping process is sorting. Unsorted items go into a conveyor belt to separate recyclable materials from other types of garbage. Most of the time, people have already manually sorted their waste, so we can weigh and take it in.


After this, waste moves from our transfer station to its final destination at a recycling centre, where they are processed further. At metro waste, we recycle or reuse all the material that is eligible for such processing. That we, we stay committed to our green values and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.


If you are looking for a rubbish dump solution in Adelaide, look no further. Metro Waste is the best option, always ready to serve. Visit our nearby facilities or contact us for more information. Our welcoming staff will be happy to assist you.