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Spare Tyre Laying Around? We Can Help You Get Rid Of It!


Old spare tires? Once your car tyres get all worn out, there’s nothing more they can provide than visual clutter. Unless you’re using your tyres for some kind of DIY project, they have no business in you’re home.


There’s nothing that can make your home look more like a junkyard than having old dusty tyres lying around! As if that weren’t enough, old tyres can quickly become a health hazard. Rainwater can pool inside old tyres and become stagnant. Bacteria, fungi and disease-carrying mosquitoes are instantly attracted to this type of environment.


Don’t let your home become an ugly, dangerous environment!

Unless you like the messy wasteland look, getting rid of your spare tyres should be a priority. The best way to do so is recycling. Rather than letting your tyres be dumped in a landfill, do the right thing. By recycling, you are reducing environmental damage and giving your waste new use and purpose. With the service of an Adelaide tyre disposal facility, recycling your tyres doesn’t have to be complicated.


Dispose Of Spare Tyres At Metro Waste Adelaide

Metro waste is the perfect place to dispose of your nearby tyres. We are Green. We are near. We are committed.


Metro Waste gives your tyres and all other spare rubber products a home. Our facilities are the closest tyre disposal and recycling hub in Adelaide. Just 5 minutes away from Adelaide’s CBD, getting rid of your tyres couldn’t be easier. We simplify tyre disposal with our efficient transfer station and helpful staff assistance.


What Do We Do With Your Tyres?

At our waste and tyre disposal Adelaide site, we take good care of all of your waste. We have a significant commitment to serving our community and green living. Our goal is to keep as much waste away from piling up in our landfills.


When tyres aren’t appropriately disposed of, they can give way to a variety of problems. Under the heat, tyres break down and release harmful toxins. When tyres make it into bodies of water, they can pollute the water and harm the natural flora and fauna.


For these reasons, we sort and recycle as much rubber as we can. You can be confident that every inch of rubber you bring in will be treated appropriately and processed.


Metro Waste Tyre And Waste Disposal Facility in Adelaide

At Metro Waste we have a spot for you spare tyres and other car waste. We can even accept gas bottles and car batteries! By gathering and properly sorting a wide variety of waste products, we can guarantee they all make it to their rightful place. We sort through every item we receive carefully.


Afterwards, we transfer items within each category for further processing and recycling. Our daily work contributes importantly to reducing landfills and keeping our city clean.


Want to clean up your home and help out the environment? At Metro Waste, we can help. Our doors are open every day of the week! What are you waiting for?