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Don`t Let Asbestos Put Your Family At Risk We Offer Professional Asbestos Disposal!


Many years ago, asbestos was used in the production of thousands of items. It was cheap, durable and fire-resistant. That is why asbestos was used in the production of many building materials and consumer goods, such as ironing board covers, irons, hairdryers and potholders.

As the health risks associated with asbestos were discovered, its use has declined. However, many Adelaide homeowners still have old asbestos-containing products in their houses. It is not advisable to perform the asbestos removal process yourself. Without the required experience, you can risk exposing you and your family to this dangerous toxin. The most appropriate way is to hire a professional, licensed asbestos removal and disposal services. In Adelaide, Metro Waste is one of the few companies that provide specialised asbestos disposal services.

How Toxic Is Asbestos?

Any damage done to asbestos-containing products can cause the release of small toxic fibres. These asbestos fibres cannot be seen with the naked eye. That is why you could inhale or ingest these fibres without even knowing it. Once they enter the body, these asbestos fibres can become lodged in the linings of the organs for an extended period.

Years later, they can cause serious health issues in organs, such as the heart, lungs or abdomen. Diseases like asbestosis, pleural thickening, mesothelioma, and lung cancer have been associated with all forms of asbestos.


Asbestos Removal

It is highly advisable to have a certified asbestos removal professional inspect your Adelaide home. Once all asbestos-containing products are identified, appropriate action should be taken. Only someone with sound knowledge and experience should perform the asbestos removal task.

At Metro Waste Adelaide, our disposal services do not include asbestos removal. However, we can easily refer you to our fantastic network of asbestos removal professionals in Adelaide. They are all highly qualified to effectively undertake the asbestos removal task.

If you chose to do it yourself, we could provide you with the required equipment, including plastic, tape, full-body suits, masks and gloves. We will also give you essential professional advice to ensure the asbestos removal is done safely and effectively. Additionally, we can also provide you with mini-bins for this type of waste.

Asbestos Disposal

At Metro Waste Adelaide, we are licensed to accept all unwanted and hazardous materials containing asbestos. We take the asbestos removal and disposal process very seriously. That is why we always make sure safe practices and procedures are followed at all times.

Once the asbestos is safely removed from your Adelaide house, we will help you get rid of it. Our team will dispose of the product safely and effectively. Before delivering the asbestos to our facility, they will make sure it is wrapped airtight in 200-micron plastic (Fortocon), secured with duct tape in manageable sized parcels. All of these products can be easily bought from any large hardware store in Adelaide.

Put the safety of you and your family first, call us now!