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What Is a Transfer Station?


At Metro waste, we offer a wide variety of waste management solutions in the Adelaide area. Through our multiple efforts, we contribute to the responsible disposal of dangerous waste, reducing the size of landfills, and recycling. This keeps our streets clean and our environment healthy!


A lot of what we do at our Adelaide waste management facilities relies on the efficiency of our transfer station. In fact, our transfer station is key to the performance of our daily tasks.


If you want to find out more about how we process your waste and rubbish, understanding how our transfer station works is a great place to start!


What is a Transfer Station?

In short, a transfer station is the most crucial part of any Adelaide waste management facility. It is also the area that most people come in contact with.


Basically, a transfer station is an area designed for the unloading, sorting and proper categorisation of waste products. This allows for each product to be transported and processed correctly. This prevents dangerous waste materials, such as batteries or paint, from getting lost among the regular waste.


With the aid of transfer stations, we can guarantee every product is in its rightful place. This keeps pollution and environmental damage to a minimum.


How Do Transfer Stations Contribute To Adelaide Waste Management?

When you visit Metro Waste’s Thebarton facilities, your waste will be placed in our transfer station. Garbage collected by our skip bin hires is picked up by our team and also dropped off at the transfer station.


From there, your different solid waste products will be sorted by category. After, each type of waste is loaded into designated transport vehicles. These vehicles are used to move like-waste products to designated areas.


Items, like plastic bottles, are transported to recycling facilities. Other wastes that can’t be recycled is taken to other areas where they can safely be disposed of according to regulations.


At Metro Waste, we always aim to process all kinds of waste in the greenest possible way. And our transfer station is one of the most essential tools we use to achieve it.


Some of the uses our Adelaide waste management facility transfer station provides include:

  • Giving Adelaide citizens a location for disposal for a variety of waste products
  • Allowing the complete screening, sorting and categorisation of waste
  • Simplifying the recollection of recyclable waste products
  • Contributed to the organisation of transportation and processing of waste
  • Reduces the amount of garbage that is dumped at our landfills

What Kinds Of Waste Can You Dump At Our Adelaide Waste Management Facility?

Our facilities and transfer station are equipped to accept:

  • General Waste
  • Green Waste (vegetation and soil)
  • Building Waste (including bricks and concrete)
  • Batteries
  • Asbestos
  • Metals
  • Tyres
  • Gas Bottles
  • Paint
  • Mattresses

Since we accept nearly all types of waste, Metro Waste can take care of all your home and business waste management needs! And with our skip binds and efficient transfer station, getting rid of your garbage couldn’t be easier and more convenient!


Come visit our transfer station and waste management facilities, just minutes away from Adelaide!