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Why Proper Disposal of Asbestos Is Vital!


Is your property old? If your property was built before the ’80s, you should watch out for asbestos. Previously, the use of asbestos was prevalent in residential roofing. Before people were aware of the material’s potential to cause deadly illness, it was quite a popular material because of its low price. However, due to the harm it can cause, roofers no longer work with asbestos.


Do you have an asbestos problem? If so, don’t wait any longer to schedule an asbestos removal service for your Adelaide property. Neglecting to do so might even put your life in danger.


Is Asbestos Dangerous For You?

Exposure to asbestos is a real threat to your health. When asbestos is present in your house or other property, asbestos fibres can enter your respiratory tract. Airborne fibres can also be ingested. These deadly fibres can make their way into your lungs or digestive tract.


Once asbestos fibres have made their way into your body, they can cause real havoc. In fact, they are the main culprits for three severe diseases:

  • Asbestosis
  • Lung Cancer
  • Mesothelioma

This is why scheduling a prompt asbestos removal service for your Adelaide property is so important. By doing so, you are protecting yourself, your family/friends and in the case of businesses, clients and employees.


How Can You Get Rid Of Asbestos Fast?

The best way to tackle an asbestos problem is with the help of an Adelaide asbestos removal professional.


This is because asbestos fibres become friable and can enter your system if you handle your old roofing tiles on your own. On the other hand, an asbestos removal professional is trained to manage these materials and has access to all the necessary equipment.


Additionally, because this material is a well-known hazard, there are many regulations that professionals have to abide by during its removal.


Metro Waste’s Adelaide Asbestos Removal Service

Metro Waste is one of the few Adelaide waste management specialists to offer an asbestos removal service. The asbestos removal professionals at our facilities are not only conveniently located in Thebarton for quick response, but they are also fully licensed in the trade.


Our asbestos removal specialists work with the best equipment, which includes full-body suits and resistant gloves. Additionally, they transport waste on designated mini bins, provided by Metro Waste.


We guarantee our asbestos removal team will clean up your roof in the safest, most efficient way!


Even if you are looking to get rid of some asbestos-containing products or waste, we are ready to help. Our facilities are fully equipped to receive contaminated asbestos waste and dispose of it safely.


We know just how dangerous Asbestos can be and stick to the best disposal practices in the industry.


Stay safe. If your home contains asbestos, don’t take any risks! Protect your health by scheduling an asbestos removal service for your Adelaide property at Metro Waste.