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We Can Help You Safely Dispose of Asbestos!


Is your home several decades old? If so, you might have been exposed to asbestos.


Asbestos was a popular construction material, used all the way through the 70s. It’s most frequent application was in residential roofing, acting as an insulator. It was also used in cement sheets and a variety of pipes. Later on, this material fell out of use to favour other products. The reason? A concerning discovery on its hazardous effects over the human body.


The Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos causes many adverse health effects through the inhalation of its fibres. The higher the number of fibres you breathe in, the greater the risk you’re exposed to. 


Since fibres enter your body through the respiratory system, the material mainly affects this system. Asbestos has been linked to asbestosis, a disease that causes inflammation and scar tissue to form in the lungs. This might eventually cause respiratory failure.


Asbestos has also been linked to other conditions, including mesothelioma and lung cancer. In fact, asbestos is so harmful that inhaling it leads to a higher risk for lung cancer than smoking.


Due to the proven link between asbestos and a variety of diseases, its use has now been banned in many countries. However, older properties, built before the ban, still contain asbestos. Removing these materials promptly and securely is critical for lung disease prevention.


If you need to dispose of asbestos in your Adelaide property, make sure you hire a professional asbestos rubbish dump service.


What Is the Safest Way to Dispose of Asbestos?

Run of the mill rubbish dump Adelaide solutions won’t cut it when it comes to asbestos. Careless disposal of asbestos can actually result in more harm than good. As asbestos-containing materials are thrown out, bound asbestos fibres are released into the air. This exposes those living in the property and handling the asbestos removal to asbestos fibre inhalation.


The safest way to handle asbestos disposal is through a professional asbestos removal service. A specialised asbestos removal team will be able to provide the equipment and experience necessary to handle such hazardous material. Best practices will guarantee the safety of you and everyone you care about.


Choose Safety, Choose Metro Waste Adelaide

Have you detected the presence of asbestos in your home or business property? Hire a professional.


Metro waste offers the best asbestos removal and other rubbish dump solutions in the Adelaide area. Our team is fully equipped to handle asbestos removal safely and effectively. Our team is well versed in all regulations, making sure to handle asbestos disposal according to best practices.


While skilled professionals should undertake asbestos material removal, we also provide services for those merely looking for a rubbish dumpsite. If you have removed asbestos-containing products on your own, we can help you dispose of them safely at our Thebarton site. If needed, we can also provide the necessary equipment for DIY asbestos removal.


For more information on our Adelaide asbestos disposal and rubbish dump services, call us at 08 8443 8827. We’ll be prepared to help you make your home or business a safer and healthier place.