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Need to Get Rid of a Gas Bottle? Come to Us!


Type your content ...Have a gas bottle you need to get rid of? Before you simply throw it in the nearest garbage can and move on? Read on!

Did you know that dumping gas bottles along with regular rubbish could lead to dangerous consequences? Compressed gas cylinders often contain toxic or combustible residues. For these reasons, they can’t be thrown out mindlessly. Your regular Adelaide rubbish dump practices, like garbage trucks and local landfills, can’t safely handle these products.

Why Do You Need a Rubbish Dump Solution for Your Adelaide Gas Bottles?

Gas canisters and bottles should never be thrown away with general waste. Doing do can present a serious hazard to the environment and the community. Gas bottles degrade over time releasing potentially dangerous substances into the air. These emissions have the power to act as pollutants for long periods.
So, if you can’t throw out your gas bottles in the trash, what should you do with them?

Gas Bottle Rubbish Dump Services in Adelaide

You can dispose of and recycle gas bottles quickly and efficiently. Just visit Metro Waste’s facilities, minutes from the Adelaide CBD. With our passion for green living and the environment, you can be sure that your old gas canisters will fall into the right hands.
Our convenient location and state of the art equipment make disposing of your gas bottles as easy as can be. In a few minutes, you can come in, turn in your gas bottles, and be on your way. At the same time, you’ll be contributing to Adelaide’s environmental health and safety.
Once we receive your gas bottles, we make sure these are processed responsibly. No hazardous material is mishandled. No recyclable goods are left to waste. In fact, when possible, we recycle the metal bottles and canisters for scrap metal. This can later be used to create new metal products.
If you have a considerable quantity of gas bottles or a super-sized canister that you need to dispose of, reach out. We can help you schedule a large skip bin to best accommodate your needs. With our skips, all you have to worry about is loading your gas bottles correctly onto the bin. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with protecting our environment, without wasting any time or effort.

Not Sure What to Do with Your Gas Bottles?

Don’t worry. Our team at Metro Waste Adelaide can help. Specialising in all sorts of rubbish dump solutions, we can best advise you on all things related to waste. Together we can discuss your gas bottle and canister disposal needs and identify the best solutions.
Call us at 08 8443 8827for more information or visit our state of the art waste management and recycling hub. We’ll help you dispose of gas bottles and dump all other kinds of rubbish quick and easy.