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5 Reasons Why Professional Asbestos Disposal in Adelaide Is A Must


You’ve probably heard of how stringent the asbestos disposal process in Adelaide is and wondered why. Asbestos contains a hazardous chemical, and so it needs to be handled with care. Before you dispose of asbestos, you have to ensure professionals are present to abide by all necessary protocols.



So before you attempt to dispose of your asbestos yourself, finish reading these 5 reasons why professional asbestos disposal is a must:



Protection From Dangerous Substances


You could-and maybe not- know this. Inhaling the chemical fibres that are released when asbestos is broken down can cause a wide range of diseases. Asbestos-related diseases include different forms of cancer and lung issues. When you handle asbestos disposal yourself without getting proper help, you’ll be leaving yourself vulnerable to all forms of diseases.



Professionals know how to handle asbestos disposal while ensuring they’re protected from harmful substances.



Special Approval


There are laws surrounding the disposal of asbestos due to how touchy its disposal is. Therefore, the government gives few waste management facilities the approval to dispose of asbestos. The ones that are allowed to dispose of asbestos are approved of because they have all the special equipment and handle it very well.



Handling asbestos improperly can attract heavy fines when you’re caught. Professional asbestos disposal is a must in Adelaide to prevent heavy fines and remain on the good size of the law.





You may not know this, but asbestos can be recycled. However, it can only be recycled when it’s disposed of in a proper manner. Professionals know where they take asbestos to after picking it up. When asbestos is getting recycled, it becomes non-hazardous and is used to make materials such as concrete, glass, ceramic etc.



Handling asbestos disposal yourself means you’re ruining the chances of a dangerous substance becoming useful. Protect the Adelaide environment by recycling asbestos.



Metro waste ensures that all asbestos waste we dispose of is recycled and repurposed to become more useful to society.



Protection of Environment


Improper disposal of substances can lead to serious pollution. Land, water, and air pollutions are some of the potential side effects of failing to dispose of asbestos. However, when the asbestos is limited to you, you’re the only one at risk of falling suck.



However once the substances leave your space, you put most of the people in your immediate environment in danger. The last thing you want to do is potentially harm your neighbours because you don’t want to get professional assistance.



Professionals know how they’ll wrap up the asbestos materials to ensure that even the smallest speck of asbestos doesn’t get out.



Proper Cleanup


If you clean up the asbestos site yourself, there’s a high possibility you won’t clean it well. Stray asbestos can still be left behind, and that can expose anyone who lives in that area to diseases.



Professionals know how they’ll clean up a site to ensure that all traces of asbestos are removed. 



Planning a renovation or construction project? Then you’ll probably be dealing with a lot of asbestos! Contact Metro Waste to handle your waste for you!