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Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting A Rubbish Dump In Adelaide


Rubbish dumps, as the name implies, is where people go to dump their rubbish. Every waste you see on the streets of Adelaide has a final resting point, and that’s the rubbish dump. If you’ve never been to a rubbish dump, however, you won’t really know what to do before getting to a rubbish dump.



These tips will let you know what to do, expect and follow before visiting a rubbish dump. Here is everything you need to know before visiting a rubbish dump in Adelaide:



You Need to Know the Rubbish Dump


Before you can visit any rubbish dump in Adelaide, you need to know where you’re going. There are many rubbish dumps you can visit in Adelaide- some of which aren’t worth your time.



Many rubbish dumps are simply too far or aren’t run very well, so you need to do your proper research. Go online and search for the most popular rubbish dump- the popular ones are usually very good.



And if you’d rather go with something of your choosing, research. There’s truly no guarantee that just because something is popular, it’s good. Look for the rubbish dumps that are closer to your home and visit them to check how they run their operations.



The Types of Waste


Every rubbish dump in Adelaide has the waste they do and do not accept. Knowing what type of waste a rubbish dump accepts lets you know what you’ll be taking there.



Most times, when you’re taking a trip to the rubbish dump, it’s usually because you want to dispose of trash. After rounding up all your trash, it’s important the rubbish dump you’re going to accepts it. 



If you’re coming from the site of a large project, you’ll be dealing with a lot of waste you can’t take back. 



You’ll have to know how to classify waste to understand the types of waste these rubbish dumps want. Solid waste, green waste, household or general waste etc., are some of the types of waste you should be expecting.



Solid waste includes materials like cement, bricks etc., and green waste includes organic materials such as soil, tree clippings etc. 



How They Like Receiving Their Waste


Rubbish dumps can be peculiar in how they want their waste delivered to them. Some rubbish dumps could want their waste in mini bins they approved of- they may not like your garbage disposal bin.



You may also need to group your waste according to type. Once you’ve identified the type of waste the rubbish dump accepts, the next step is to group it. If you’re disposing of green waste, do not include household waste. Separate them to make the sorting process easier.



They could send you back if your waste isn’t properly grouped.



The hoops you have to jump over before you visit a rubbish dump is one of the reasons people rarely go themselves. There are waste management facilities people who handle waste from the moment it leaves your home all the way to the rubbish dump. 



Let Metro Waste do that for you! We’ll pick up your waste- any type- and take it to the rubbish dump. What type of waste do you plan to dispose of? Tell us!