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How To Prepare For Your Trip To The Rubbish Dump


How prepared are you for your first trip to the rubbish dump? Have you covered all the necessary bases?


Going unprepared to your rubbish dump can make the process way longer than it has to be, which shouldn’t be so. When you’re well prepared for a trip to the rubbish dump, you shouldn’t spend more than 10-15 minutes.


To avoid wasting a lot of time at your rubbish dump- follow these tips that will prepare you for your trip to the rubbish dump :


The Rubbish Dump You’re Going to

There are many rubbish dumps in Adelaide. Before you even think of going to the rubbish dump, you should know the rubbish dump you’re going to. If you already have a rubbish dump you plan to visit, great, don’t have? Here are some things that can help you make a selection.


Look for the rubbish dump closest to you. You wouldn’t want to drive miles just to dispose of simple trash, so make sure you find one close to you.


Find a rubbish dump that accepts most of the waste you produce. Most rubbish dumps accept household waste, but what about landscaping, construction etc. waste? 


If you’re going there for the purpose of disposing of a particular type of waste, you should be sure the rubbish dump meets all your requirements.


Know the Reason Why You’re Going to the Rubbish Dump


Before you prepare for a trip to the rubbish dump, you need to know why you’re going there. Are you going there to dispose of trash or to inquire about the days they’re open? Do they accept the type of waste you want to dispose of?



Most rubbish dumps have specific guidelines on the type of waste they accept, so you need to know beforehand. For example, they may accept all sorts of solid waste but wouldn’t want green waste. Knowing things like this will let you know what to expect when you get there.



Most landfills are located in the outskirts of Adelaide, so you could imagine how far you’d have to drive to get there. Prevent disappointments by calling or making inquiries ahead of your trip. Once you’ve identified the main reason why you’re going there, and you’re sure they accept the type of waste you want to dispose of, you can move on to the next step.



Arrange Your Waste


Often, rubbish dumps want you to group your waste according to type. Here’s how it works, if you want to dispose of household waste, let it be pure household waste. Don’t mix in waste from your garden or tech scraps you have lying around in your garage.



Mixing your waste can cause issues when you get there because there’s a possibility they reject your waste. Getting turned back when you’ve arranged your waste and set your mind to dispose of it can frustrate you. 



Preparing for the rubbish dump is stress, stress you don’t have to put yourself through. Why? Because you can get a professional waste management company to take your waste to the rubbish dump for you. Metro Waste is an Adelaide waste facility you can trust to handle your waste properly.