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A Guide to Preparing Your Rubbish for the Dump


What’s the state of your rubbish before you take it to the rubbish dump? Organizing your waste may seem like it’s unnecessary, but it is highly important.



If you don’t prepare your rubbish for the dump - a range of things can happen. The waste could pour into your car while you’re transporting it, or your mini bin could get destroyed in the process. You can probably imagine the state of your vehicle or driveway if any of the things above happen.



So to have a smooth ride to the rubbish dump, prepare your rubbish in the following ways:



Get Proper Disposal Bin


You need the right size disposal bin that can contain all the waste you plan to dispose of. When your mini bin is big enough, you have enough space to arrange your waste in it before you take it to the rubbish dump. 



A wrongly sized mini bin can spoil all your efforts to taking your rubbish to the dump because many things could go wrong. For example, the waste could spill out of the bin if it’s too small, or the bin may break under the pressure of all your wastes. 



For your high-quality mini bins, you can book from Metro waste!



Store Your Waste in a Waste Bag


If you dump your waste into a bin without putting it in a waste sack first, this is your sign to stop. Apart from the fact that the waste will stain the bin and make it unfit for subsequent use, the waste will take up more space than it needs.



Throw any type of waste you produce in your Adelaide home into sacks before putting it in your mini bin. You can make it a habit to throw your trash into bags by lining every dustbin in your home with a sack. Once the sacks are full, you can take them to the bin you’ll be taking to the rubbish dump.



This will cut your preparation time in half since your waste will already be arranged in the waste bin. 



Group Them According to Type


Most rubbish dumps don’t accept combined waste. Let’s say you combine your household waste with your garden’s green waste.  Combined wastes will not be accepted. If you want to dispose of household waste, dispose of it separately. 



You should also know the types of waste the rubbish dumps accept. Most rubbish dumps have what they do and don’t accept, and knowing this will let you know whether you can take your rubbish to them.



You should call the rubbish dump ahead of the day you plan to go and dump your waste. So if they say they don’t accept your rubbish, you can look for another rubbish dump that accepts it.



Some rubbish dumps tend to be picky, and that’s why you should go for Adelaide waste management facilities that accept a wide range of wasteIf you want inclusion when it comes to waste, come to Metro waste! We accept most forms of waste with pick up services available!



Thinking of disposing of that waste? Let’s help you with it!