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How to Determine if Your New Home in Adelaide Needs Asbestos Disposal


The first thing you need to knowis to never deal with asbestos disposal yourself. There are too many things that can go wrong while handling asbestos for you to consider disposing of it without the proper equipment.



Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, you still need to determine whether your new Adelaide home needs asbestos disposal.



If you stay in a home with stray asbestos residue or materials present, the health of you and your family will be at risk. Here are some ways to determine if your new home in Adelaide needs asbestos disposal.





Construction Residue Present




Seeing building residue left from the construction of your new home isn’t unexpected. It could have been overlooked, or they never bothered to call in a waste management facility. If you see PVC residues, debris, soil, etc., you’ll need asbestos disposal because there’s a high chance it has contaminated the rest of the construction waste.



If you’re yet to move into the new home, check the entire surrounding to check for any construction leftovers. You should have professional asbestos disposal done if you see even the tiniest speck of roofing leftover.






Ongoing Construction on Site



If they’re still working on your home when you move in, you’ll need asbestos disposal. For example, they could be working on the garage area when you’re packing into the home. Construction work disturbs the asbestos present in roofs and sends them into the air. That’s what makes asbestos dangerous. When materials containing asbestos are disturbed, and the fibres are released into the air.






We advise avoiding the area where construction is ongoing because it will be toxic. Once construction is done, close the area to prevent your children from entering there. Once that’s done, you should call a professional asbestos disposal service to handle the waste for you.








For your premium asbestos disposal services, contact Metro waste. We have a wide range of asbestos disposal services that you’d need in your new Adelaide home. We have safety equipment you’ll need while dealing with the asbestos area in your home.








“Dusty” Areas of Your Home



Constantly sneezing in a part of your home is usually a sign that there are stray asbestos fibres in the air. “what if it’s dust?” Dust-induced sneezes usually stop after a certain time and stop once you’ve cleaned the area.






If you’ve cleaned a particular area of your home and done all you can, but you’re still sneezing, you need asbestos disposal. The sneezes can progress into coughs and then to chest pains. That’s why it’s important to detect the triggers early before they become too serious.








A new Adelaide home shouldn’t have that much dust that you’ll be having intense sneezing and coughing fits. Call an asbestos disposal company to clear the area before it gets too late!








Contact Metro waste for a thorough inspection of your Adelaide home aimed at detecting any stray asbestos. We’re certified and highly qualified to handle asbestos. Hiring us is a decision you’ll never regret.








Contact us now to make sure the coast is clear in your new Adelaide home before you move in!