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What Can`t You Take to the Rubbish Dump in Adelaide?


Before you take your waste to a rubbish dump in Adelaide, you need to carry out some research.


This research involves finding out what they do and don't accept. It's important you find out what rubbish dumps accept because the rubbish dump could choose not to accept your waste.


And after driving all the way to the rubbish dump, the last thing you want to hear is that they don't accept the waste you brought. Most types of waste rubbish dumps reject usually hazardous.


Keep on reading to find out the waste you can and can't take to a rubbish dump in Adelaide:



You should never take any flammable substance or material to an Adelaide rubbish dump. Explosives like fireworks, fuel, and any other thing that can catch fire are under this category. The littlest spark can set off a chain reaction that can potentially burn the dump to the ground. So it's no surprise most rubbish dumps avoid explosives.


Explosive waste usually has to be destroyed so you can seek special help in handling them.



You've just finished cleaning out your garage, and you're left with a ton of metal and electronic scraps. You've placed all of your old electronics into your car, and you're thinking of taking it to the rubbish dump. Well, a rubbish dump is the last place you want to take to the rubbish dump because they don't accept it.


Electronics tend to contain mercury or poisonous materials that can cause a wide range of diseases if they get out. So instead of taking your electronics to a rubbish dump, take them to a recycling centre in Adelaide that accepts it.



Car batteries should never be taken to rubbish dumps because of their toxic nature. Car batteries contain acids that can cause burns when exposed to human skin. Don't throw your old car batteries away because rubbish dumps don't accept them.


There are recycling facilities that accept batteries as they are a good source of scrap metal. You can bring your spare batteries to Metrowaste; we recycle them!



Most rubbish dumps reject recyclable items. They do this to encourage recycling and reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. However, most of the waste that goes to the rubbish dump can be recycled, so it's imperative to sort your waste before you get there.


If your waste consists of plastic bottles, cans, paper, etc., take them to a recycling facility instead. You'll be helping out the Adelaide environment by recycling the necessary items.



Asbestos waste disposal is very sensitive and always handled with care. Asbestos is so hazardous that you need special equipment to dispose of it properly. If you have asbestos waste in your Adelaide home, you shouldn't touch it. You could put yourself in danger.


Instead, call in professionals to handle it. You can call Metrowaste for your asbestos waste disposal needs. We're certified to handle asbestos waste in Adelaide- you're in safe hands. If you'd rather manage your asbestos waste yourself, we can provide the necessary safety equipment you need.


We can definitely assist you with your waste disposal needs!