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What Will Waste Management Take and Not Take in Adelaide?


If you’re planning to call a waste management facility to pick up your waste in Adelaide, you need to know what they accept and reject. This will help you decide whether you should go ahead with a project because you might be unable to dispose of it properly.



“What if another waste management facility will accept the waste?” It’s quite possible, but it’s advisable to know what most waste management facilities in Adelaide would accept to be on the safe side.



Here are some of the things you can expect waste management in Adelaide to accept or reject :



Acceptable Waste


These are the types of waste that most waste management in Adelaide will collect from you. You can expect most Adelaide waste management facilities to accept the following types of waste:


  • General household waste: Most waste management facilities accept the waste you produce in your home. These types of waste include tissues, bottles, food scraps, etc. Household waste contains items that can be easily sorted, so they are rarely rejected at waste facilities.

    You should note that household waste primarily consists of items that you consume or use on a daily basis. 
    Your old laptop, clothes, etc., don’t count as general household waste.

  • Green waste: If you’re into gardening or run a landscaping business, you won’t be new to the term green waste. Green waste consists of organic materials such as soil, tree branches, flowers, etc. Most waste facilities accept them, so you’re good to go if this is the type of waste you want to drop off.

  • Tyres: Instead of burning your spare tires, drop them off at a waste facility. Contrary to popular belief, Adelaide waste facilities accept tyres. 
  • Building waste: Waste gotten from constructions projects is also generally acceptable. They include cement, bricks, soil, gravel, etc. Asbestos falls under building waste but not every waste management accepts it. 

Unacceptable waste


These are the types of waste that most waste management facilities accept. They are comprised of toxic waste that can affect the environment. Their disposal is so fragile that most waste management facilities avoid them.


  • Chemicals: No Adelaide waste management facility will accept chemical waste from you. It is highly volatile and could poison the soil or water. If you’re dealing with strong farm or household chemicals, the last place you should go to for disposal is a waste management facility.

  • Electronics: It’s very rare to see an Adelaide waste management facility accept electronic waste. Some places accept spoilt electronics if you’re looking for where to let go of your spare tech. These include televisions, radios, speakers, etc.

  • Liquid waste: Liquid waste such as septic water, human or animal faeces, hazardous household liquids, etc., are rejected for obvious reasons. These materials can contaminate the environment and their transfer station, so they tend to avoid it.


It’s better to call ahead before you go to a waste facility to drop off your waste. That way, you’ll know whether they accept what you want to drop off. For example, most waste management facilities don’t accept Asbestos waste, but Metrowaste does!



We accept most forms of waste asides from the hazardous ones! Call us and ask if we accept the waste you want to drop off - there’s a high chance we do!