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How to Determine the Right Size Skip Bin to Hire


Before you hire a skip bin, know the size you want that suits your needs. Getting the wrong sized skip bin will affect the work you want to use it for. There's a possibility the mini bin will be too big, and you won't be able to transport it around your site or landscape- wherever you plan to use it.


If the skip bin is too small, you'll have to hire multiple bins or postpone your project. Here are some tips that'll help you determine the right size of skip bin to hire:


Type Of Waste Requiring Disposal  

Different types of waste have the way they take up space. It may sound funny, but once we explain, it will make more sense. For example, you can do with a medium-sized skip bin when building waste because of how dense waste. 


You won't have to manage space because bricks, concrete etc., don't need special arrangements. The same thing applies to waste such as green waste or household waste.


However, if you want to dispose of waste such as furniture, you'll need a big skip bin because of how you'll have to arrange them. You'll need to place the furniture appropriately into the skip bin so it can all fit in the bin. 


Find out how much space the waste you want to dispose of typically takes so you can begin booking.



How long do you plan to use the skip bin? If you're renting it for your business site or home, you'll need to consider how much waste you produce daily and the skip bin size capable of handling it. If it's a one-time job, you can do it with the smallest size of a skip bin, but you'll have to consider bigger options if it is a long-term job. You must consider the duration of your booking, so the skip bin doesn't break down under the pressure of your waste.


Once you tell the Adelaide skip bin hire company how long you plan to use the skip bin, they'll advise you on the appropriate size. Of course, we can't vouch for other bin hire companies, but MetroWaste guides everyone who hires a bin- we ensure the size you're going for is suitable for your project.


The Size Of The Project  

What type of project are you renting the skip bin for? Is it home renovations, construction or landscaping project? The type of project determines the size you hire because of the quantity of waste that's produced. 


Constructions and renovations projects produce a large amount of waste- so large that you'll be needing the biggest skip bin size. But, of course, when you compare the size of these projects to the waste produced when you're cleaning out your home, you'll see a difference in size. 


You shouldn't have any issue hiring skip bins after reading this guide, but nothing beats advice from the professionals. Metrowaste has a wide range of skip bin sizes that'll help you in every project you need it for.


During the booking process, you can contact us for help in choosing the best size for you!