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The Best Way to Dispose of Building Waste in Adelaide


The best way to dispose of building waste in Adelaide is professional. But unfortunately, unless you’re a licensed professional, you won’t have the proper equipment or expertise to handle building waste disposal.



Disposing of building waste yourself can lead to many unpleasant results because there’s a high possibility you’ll take it somewhere you’re not meant to. Or you’ll be stuck with it because you won’t find a place to take it to.



Here is why it’s best to let a professional handle your building waste disposal in Adelaide:



Hazardous Waste  


Building waste contains hazardous materials that make its disposal very touchy. For example, asbestos is one of the main toxic substances found in roofing systems and walls, constituting a significant part of building waste.



Since building waste is composed of every significant part of the home, It’s inevitably toxic. You could put yourself at risk if you handle building waste disposal without the interference of professionals. 



And here are some things you can also do to handle the building waste disposal.





To explain how you can handle building waste, we’ll be using renovations as an example. Let’s say you finish renovating your kitchen and debris, cement, broken blocks etc., are left behind; you should isolate the area. 



Close all the doors and tell the children in your home to leave the area untouched. It is to prevent the spread of fibres into the air. It will also keep the building waste in one place. So when the professionals come in, it’ll be easy for them to handle the disposal. 



You’ll need to get plastic sheeting to seal off the area on a constructions site so works will know to steer clear of the room. You can get the proper equipment to handle building waste before the professionals arrive from MetroWaste. 



We have full-body suits, masks and gloves that will assist you in sealing off or handling the building waste before the professionals arrive.



Clean and Restrict the Area  


In a situation such as home renovations, you can’t prevent the asbestos fibres contained in the building waste from spreading. Once you’ve sealed off the renovations area, you should clean off every part of your home that’s dusty or looking dirty. 



You don’t want pieces of the building waste to contaminate the clean areas of your home. So another thing you’ll have to do is turn off the HVAC systems in your home. They will spread the toxic parts of the building waste to all the areas of your home, and you don’t want this to happen. 



You may have to evacuate your home once it gets contaminated by asbestos.



Contact The Professionals


Once you’ve followed all the steps above, you have the green light to contact a waste company that will handle your building waste disposal. Look for waste companies in Adelaide that are licensed to handle building waste.



Metrowaste is your best bet for quick and clean building waste disposal. We’ll send our professionals to your constructions site or home to handle the waste.



If you still don’t know what to do before we arrive, no worries! You can contact us, and we’d be more than happy to guide you.