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What is Considered Green Waste in Adelaide?


Green waste is the type of waste you’d get when you work with soil such as leaves, dirt, tree branches etc.



What is considered green waste differs based on the area you live in. If you know the green waste is generally permitted, you still need to understand what Adelaide considers green waste. Once you know this, you’ll learn how to go about your green waste disposal:



Here are some things that are considered green waste in Adelaide :



Household Waste  


Food scraps, vegetables, leftover food, pastries, and most wastes around food in your home are considered green waste. Your pet’s poop can also be added to your green waste pile because, just like the items we mentioned above, it’s compostable and can be broken down to help the soil grow.



Before you dump your food waste into the green waste bin, ensure you remove the food wrap or packaging that’s around the food. You’d risk contaminating the green waste pile, so to be on the safe side, remove every hint of plastic, paper or nylon before you dump it into your green waste bin.



Garden Or Landscape Waste  


The waste produced in your garden or landscaping project also falls under green waste. Leaves, plants, soils, branches etc., are some of the things you should put in your green waste bin. Stones aren’t permitted in green waste bins as they aren’t compostable- they can’t be broken down. 



Identifying what is considered green waste in Adelaide will assist you during its disposal. Here are some tips that can help you with your green waste disposal:



Hire A Skip Bin  


Garbage bags can only contain so much waste before they tear under pressure; it’s improbable that any type of gardening waste can be stored in a garbage bag. For one thing, they’re not strong enough to handle the pressure of a large amount of waste. A small tree twig is more than enough to tear a garbage bag, which will lead to waste spillage.



Skip bins are large and robust enough to handle tree twigs, branches and soil. You can dump the waste of ten projects into one skip bin as long as you get the right size. The only thing that can damage your skip bin is a long sharp tree branch. And that’s why it’s advised that you only keep short tree twigs or branches in the bin.



The Right Waste Disposal Company  


You need an Adelaide waste company that can handle green waste disposal. Waste companies play a huge part in the composting process of green waste to fertilise the soil. 



Waste companies ensure that the green waste you give them is used by farmers or gardeners to enrich the soil. This whole process will be compromised once you entrust your green waste to the wrong waste company.



Now that you know what’s considered green waste in Adelaide disposing of your green waste becomes easier. After hiring a skip bin from a qualified skip bin company, all you need to do is gather your waste and have it disposed of.



For your quick green waste disposal in Adelaide, contact Metrowaste. Green waste disposal is swift and easy with us, so message us now!