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5 Ways to Reduce Green Waste


Green waste decomposes and what this means is that it can be put to further use. You don’t have to dispose of your green waste immediately you get it; there are useful ways you can recycle most of it.



Reducing your green waste significantly reduces the pressure on your local Adelaide rubbish dump while helping many people in the process. Everyone who produces green waste needs to know these tips about green waste disposal tips.



Here are five ways you can significantly reduce green waste:



Start A Compost Pile  


Composting is the process where organic waste, aka green waste, is decomposed under controlled conditions to become fertiliser. So when you start a compost pile, you’ll be converting all the waste you get in your garden into fertiliser that will help it. In addition, it reduces the green waste you produce because you’re recycling it, thereby eliminating the need to dispose of most of them.



It’s not all the waste produced in your garden that you can use to start a compost pile, though. Only compostable materials can be used like leaves, grass clippings, plants, flowers, sawdust, etc. To make your compost pile, you’ll put the acceptable green waste into a bin and place it in a shady place in your Adelaide home. 



It should be near a water source because you’ll need to add water to it to assist with the composting process. You could cover the bin with a tarp or wooden cover. Once the pile becomes dark, it’s ready to be used in your garden.



If you have kids or animals in your home, you should not let them near the compost pile.



Take It To A Recycling Facility  


There are recycling facilities that accept all forms of green and garden waste. This is a much better option than taking your green waste to a rubbish dump that negatively impacts the environment. 



Metrowaste has a state-of-the-art recycling facility that accepts all types of green waste; our green waste disposal services are second to none in Adelaide. In addition, we offer a mini bin pick up service for easy disposal.





Mulch is organic material used to protect plants, retain moisture and curb the spread of weeds. Most people purchase mulch, but you can make yours right in your backyard. Making mulch is quite technical; you’ll need a woodchipper, lawnmower, leaves, grass clippings, and other things that make up organic waste in your garden. 



Donate to Your Local Garden Shops


Your local Adelaide garden shops use green waste as fertiliser, mulch, etc., so it’s something they’d appreciate if you decide to give them. You could rake up all your leaves, grass clippings, etc., into a garbage bin and take it to them.



Recycling Your Grass Clippings  


If you mow your lawn, there’s a way you can reuse your grass clippings. Don’t clean up the grass clippings left after you mow; leave them instead. This will help your lawn retain nutrients.



Which tip do you think you’ll be trying out? Contact metro waste,  and we’d be more than happy to handle your green waste disposal.