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A Guide to Skip Bin Sizes: Which Size Should I Hire?


Since all skip bins are big, most people think there’s no need to pick out the sizes they’ll need, but doing so will only be a big mistake. Skip bins vary in size, and hiring a size smaller than what you need will make your job much harder for you. You’ll have to spend more money getting another skip bin if the first size you get is inadequate.



If you want to hire a skip bin, MetroWaste is the best place to hire in Adelaide. Our skip bin sizes are affordable and accommodate small- and large-scale jobs. The task of choosing the right skip bin size from easy, all you need to do is follow these guides:



2 Cubic Metres  


This size is perfect for small scale jobs. If you’re cleaning out your home and get more waste than your waste bin can handle, hire this skip bin, and you won’t regret it. If you garden in your Adelaide home, you’ll be experiencing disposal issues from time to time. 



Finding a skip bin that can handle your green waste will be a chore, especially when it comes to the branches and stones. If you have a small shopping centre, this skip bin will also be perfect for your waste. This size of skip bin is only appropriate for relatively smaller jobs.



3 Cubic Metres  


This skip bin size isn’t much bigger than the 2 cubic metres, so it can also be used for the same purposes. The only difference is you can add construction projects waste to the list of waste this size can accommodate. This size would be perfect for any renovation project you’d be doing in your Adelaide home.



4 Cubic Metres  


This size is standard for large home cleanouts, and if you’re changing your furniture, you can dispose of your old ones in this size of the skip bin. If you’re a commercial landscaper, you can arrange this size to clean up a client’s home once you’re done with your project.



If you run a small business or café, you’ll need a skip bin that’s not too bulky but can handle a large amount of waste. 



6 Cubic Metres


This is one of the larger skip bin sizes we offer. If you’re moving, this skip bin hire can handle furniture, household appliances and whatever else you may have issues moving out of your home. This would also come in handy in most renovation projects and landscaping projects. 



9 Cubic Metres  


This size comes in handy in most large-scale projects; it’s usually all most people need once they hire it. 9 cubic metres skip bins accommodate large-scale landscaping, construction, renovation and commercial projects. Restaurants, cafes etc., are some establishments that find this skip bin size helpful.



So, where does your waste project fall under? If you’re still not sure, that’s perfectly fine. Message us, and we’d be more than happy to guide you in the size that you’ll need.