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What Can`t You Take to the Rubbish Dump?


Adelaide rubbish dumps are usually very far away, and once you drive to one, you go with the mindset that the waste you're going with will be accepted. But, unfortunately, there's a possibility the rubbish dump will reject the waste you take, and your trip will be a waste.



You can avoid rejecting any rubbish dump by knowing the type of wastes most of them tend to accept . Don't take these following items to any rubbish dump;



●  Carcasses  


If, for whatever reason, you have a dead animal you need to dispose of, don't take it to a rubbish dump. It's not allowed because as the carcasses decompose, they emit gasses that negatively the environment. Instead of disposing of corpses in rubbish dumps, try burying them; it's much safer and doesn't have any adverse effect.



●  Liquid And Toxic Substances  


Liquids like oil, blood, gas, paint etc., aren't accepted at rubbish dumps. Things like oil, blood, gas can quickly be taken care of without taking them to the rubbish dump. You could pour oil or blood down the drain while gas needs more professional help to be handled. Gas should never be taken to a rubbish dump, it's flammable, and many things at a rubbish dump can ignite it.



Hazardous chemical substances shouldn't be taken to rubbish dumps for apparent reasons; they are better to handle them. For example, if you have paint you want to dispose of, here's a hack you can use to dry it up before throwing it away. You could pour cement into it so it can harden, or you could donate it to a local Adelaide paint recycling centre.  



●  Asbestos Waste Disposal  


We could also call this construction waste because they always contain asbestos. Waste left after construction projects can't be taken to rubbish dumps; they contain asbestos, a highly toxic chemical that causes many diseases. Instead, have professionals handle your building waste disposal for you. 



Proper disposal of asbestos waste is essential, and failure to do so could attract fines; it's that serious. Metro waste is certified to handle asbestos waste; we offer a wide range of asbestos disposal services that would come in helpful. In addition, we have protective equipment such as facemasks, bodysuits etc., available if you'd instead dispose of your asbestos waste yourself. 



●  Electronics Or Scrap Metal  


Most rubbish dumps don't accept electronic waste. Electronics don't decompose, so there's no reason why they should be taken to the rubbish dump when they're readily recycled. Instead, take your old or faulty electronics to steel companies that accept scrap metal; you could even get paid for it.



You could also donate your old electronics to people who need them. Don't take any form of scrap metal, batteries, lead etc., to your rubbish dump. 



Many things aren’t acceptable at rubbish dumps, do your research before you go. You could save yourself a lot of stress by letting MetroWaste handle your waste for you. We ensure your waste is disposed of in an acceptable and environmentally safe manner. 



We have a wide range of available waste disposal services; message us with the service you'll need .