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Items Waste Management Refuse to Dispose Of


You may not know this, but all waste isn’t the same. For example, you can’t compare the waste you produce in your home to the type of waste produced on construction sites or chemical plants. In addition, some items are so sensitive to deal with that Adelaide waste management companies don’t dispose of them for you.



You need to know what a waste management company disposes and rejects because driving to their waste facility and finding out they can’t handle your item will take its toll on you. Even though most waste management systems differ in some of the things they dispose of and reject, here are some items most refuse to dispose of:

Electronic Waste


Adelaide, waste management services, don’t dispose of electronics. So your old televisions, phones, laptops, etc., won’t get accepted by waste management because they’re hazardous. 


Your electronic devices contain substances that can pollute the environment when disposed of wrongly. For example, old damaged electronics can leak toxic substances such as arsenic, mercury, etc., affecting humans in the surrounding area. In addition, electronics contain a host of chemicals that, when thrown away recklessly, can infect our water and air.


Waste management services aren’t meant to handle such hazardous waste, so they don’t bother accepting it. Instead, there are better ways to manage your old electronics; take them to recycling centres in Adelaide that receive them. 

Hazardous Household Waste


When people hear about household waste, they think of safe and harmless products but not every type of waste or item you use in your home is secure. You probably have as many hazardous items as non-hazardous items because you may be using them for one thing or the other. 


For example, the chemicals you use on your car, such as antifreeze, transmission or brake fluid etc., are hazardous, but you still dispose of them with the rest of your trash. These are chemicals that are dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. 


If you notice that waste management didn’t pick up your trash because of this reason, they may have seen several cans of hazardous fluids. Therefore, you should make sure the cans are empty before you dispose of them.


The solutions and chemicals you use around your home are also hazardous. For example, your cleaning solutions, paints and paint thinners, pesticides and even down your nail polish are all things containing dangerous substances.


Can you see that your household items aren’t as harmless as they seem? If you’re having issues finding waste management that accepts your hazardous household waste, contact Metro waste. We have waste solutions that cover a wide variety of items.

Asbestos Waste


 Although asbestos waste isn’t produced by everyone, it can be found in every home because it is an essential material used in making building materials. However, since not everyone does renovations or construction projects on their home, you may not have to deal with it at all.  


If you’re planning to, you should know how dangerous asbestos is. Asbestos contains fibres that cause a host of health issues when inhaled by humans; it also pollutes the environment when it’s released into the air. Waste management services don’t accept it because of these toxic qualities. 


Metro waste, however, accepts asbestos waste. In addition, there is a wide range of garbage rejected by waste management but accepted by Metro waste. Having issues disposing of certain items? Contact us; we can help you.