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What Happens to Garbage Once it`s at the Rubbish Dump?


The life cycle of garbage is a very interesting thing. So many things happen to the trash you drop off at rubbish dumps from the collection to the sorting, recycling, and incineration. Landfills are actually where waste goes to be buried!


One ofhe first things you should know is that a rubbish dump is not just a "dump ". It's not just a vast area of land where garbage lies for years; it's an intricate facility that's engineered to handle and protect the waste from the environment. 


Regulations guide landfills; only those that tick all the necessary boxes of design, location etc., are permitted to operate.


Landfills are built in such a way that it ensures waste decomposes safely. Knowing what happens to garbage once it's at the rubbish dump is one of the best ways to remain conscious about the impacts of your trash on the environment.


Before we get to what happens to garbage once it's at the rubbish dump, you should know that there's a sorting process that occurs before it's taken to the rubbish dump.



Depending on who picks up your trash, firstly, it's taken to a transfer station where the recycled items are separated from the regular trash. The recyclable items are then taken to a recycling depot, while the regular trash is taken to a rubbish dump.


From here, some of the things that happen to garbage once it's at the rubbish dump are:


Dumped and Crushed

Your waste is dumped at specific areas of the rubbish dumps called a working face or open cell. This is a particular portion of land in rubbish dumps where garbage is dumped before it is crushed. Instead, your waste is crushed or compacted by compactors, which are machines used to reduce the size of trash. 


The compactors drive over these wastes multiple times to reduce the size as much as possible; trash like bottles, cans etc., end up taking more space than necessary because of the air in them. When the compactor runs over waste, pounds of garbage are reduced to a mere cubic yard. Wastes are dumped and crushed in this cell till it's full, and then it's to the next step.



Rubbish dumps aren't called the graveyards of trash for nothing because garbage gets buried once it gets there. The waste is covered with a layer of soil to curtail odour and reduce pests. This process repeats itself- garbage is taken to the rubbish dump, crushed and covered by a layer of soil until the cell is full. After this, another cell is open, where the whole thing happens again.


Modern Adelaide rubbish dumps are lined with various materials to keep the multiple gases and contaminants from affecting the environment. However, even the toxic gas they produce is now being used to power numerous homes.


Still, you must assist with recycling efforts to reduce the pressure on landfills, which is why you need a trusted waste management system like Metrowaste


All waste we collect is taken to our transfer station, where the recyclable items are separated from the trash going to the landfill. With us, your waste is properly handled and treated. Please message us to plan a pick-up plan for your household or commercial waste.