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Why Green Waste Disposal in Adelaide in Important


Green waste is organic waste and is gotten from gardens, soil, landscaping businesses etc. There are hundreds of landscaping businesses in Adelaide and many households with gardens in their homes; green waste is produced almost everywhere.


Unfortunately, many people don't know how to handle their green waste disposal. Disposing of green waste in any bin or garbage is one instance of wrongful green waste disposal. If you've been careless with your green waste disposal , it's time to change. Green waste disposal is essential, and here are some of the reasons why:


Green waste is recyclable because it's organic and can always be processed into new products. Organic waste gathered from your skip bins is taken to compost centres, where they go through some processes. The unusable items are removed, and the rest are treated and left to compost.

The compost made at compost centres could be turned into soil conditioners, mulches etc. You can recycle your green waste yourself by using it to make your mulch or compost if you love DIY projects. Disposing of your green waste would be more convenient if you're a landscaper.

Reduces greenhouse gases 

Greenhouse gases are gases that contribute to climate change and harm the environment. When you wrongfully dispose of your green waste or take it to the landfill, it has adverse effects. 

Organic waste naturally decomposes, but it doesn't get the oxygen needed for proper decomposition when it does so at the rubbish dump. What happens is that it releases toxic gases such as methane. When less green waste goes to the landfill, the amount of greenhouse gas produced significantly reduces. 

Guarantee your green waste is getting recycled when you dispose of it with Metro waste. We take your green waste to the appropriate facilities where it is further processed.

Reduces landfill waste

Landfills accept a lot of waste, most of which are better recycled. But since they're not getting recycled at the dumps, they end up taking more space. Your green waste, for example, can always be recycled into mulch, but when it gets to the landfill, it just occupies the space needed for more important waste.

More waste at the landfill means more pollution and negative effects on the environment. Instead of putting your garden waste to the rubbish dump, have it properly handled.

Clears up your environment

If you see leaves, wood chippings etc., scattered around your neighbourhood, it's due to wrongful green waste disposal. When people neglect to throw their organic waste away, you're left with a dirty environment that smells. Try and get a mini bin for your garden to prevent the garbage from getting all over the place.

If everyone disposes of their yard waste properly, you'll notice a much cleaner environment.

Proper green waste disposal benefits Adelaide and all its residents. The life cycle of your garden doesn't end at the bin; it can go further to work on more gardens. Do you need skip bins to store your garden waste or a place to dispose of it properly?

Metro waste has the answer to both. We have skip bins and can pick up your garden wastes. Call us to get started.