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What Happens to Waste Once it`s at a Rubbish Dump in Adelaide?


Before your waste gets to the rubbish dump, it passes a long process. You purchase an item; you use it and dispose of it in your garbage bin. Once you dispose of your waste in your bin, it is then picked up by a waste management company – this is where the waste journey differs.

Your waste could be taken to a transfer station where the waste is sorted and recyclable items are removed. Or all your trash is taken to a rubbish dump and then treated. But, since we're addressing what happens to waste once it's at an Adelaide rubbish dump, it all starts…


When the garbage truck hauls in all the trash collected, it is dumped in an open area in the rubbish dump known as an open cell. The open cell is where waste goes through all the various decomposition stages in the landfill.


Once dumped in the rubbish dump, the trash is driven over by compactors, heavy machines that crush waste into little cubes. The crushing stage is very important because it clears up space in the landfill. The crushing process also reduces the amount of gas emitted into the air because the time needed to deal with the trash is cut in half.

Buried and repeated

Once the waste is crushed, it is buried under layers of sand, dirt or any other suitable material. After this burial, another cell is opened, and the process is repeated. 

Not many things happen to waste at rubbish dumps; it is buried, crushed and buried. Many precautions are taken to ensure that the processes go by with little to no effect on the environment.

Despite the numerous negative impacts of landfill on society and the environment, it still has numerous advantages. Here are some ways rubbish dumps help society:

Storage of waste

Millions of Adelaide households produce waste daily, and the rubbish dump is the only structure capable of handling all that waste. A world without rubbish dumps is one where waste is littered all around because there's no place for them to be stored. The negative effects seem to be much, but without rubbish dumps, our environment would be unbearable.

A resting-place for non-degradable waste

Wastes like metal, plastics, cans etc., are non-degradable and spend years in the environment when they're wrongly handled. You must have seen instances where animals get caught up in plastic and metal waste that should be in rubbish dumps.

Landfills accommodate all this solid waste and reduce their pollution on the environment. 

Source of income

Landfills employ many people and are a huge source of income for society. Landfills reduce the unemployment rate in any area they're located in as they employ many people. Many societies have been urbanised thanks to the presence and activities of landfills. 

Even though your rubbish is properly handled at a rubbish dump, it's better when it passes through a transfer station, so useful items are salvaged.

Metro waste helps to ensure that all the waste that passes through us reaches the proper channels; recyclable items are recycled, and the trash is taken to the dump.

When would you like your waste to get picked up? Contact us so that we can discuss dates.