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Where Can I Dump Rubbish in Adelaide?


There are multiple rubbish dumps in Adelaide that you can take your rubbish to, but there are some problems you may encounter with this. The rubbish dump could be too far from your home in Adelaide, and getting there could prove troublesome. Another issue you could face is finding a rubbish dump that accepts the type of waste you want to dispose of.

So where instead can you dump rubbish in Adelaide? With MetroWaste in Adelaide. There are numerous ways we can help you with your rubbish disposal. Here are some ways we help you dump your rubbish:

Take it to the dump

What you're interested in is how we can take it to the rubbish dump for you. Let's explain how we dump your rubbish for you once we collect it. First, we take your trash to our transfer station, where the waste is sorted to remove all the recyclable items from the actual trash. So, if your waste is household waste, the bottles and cans are removed while the food scraps and pure garbage are taken to the rubbish dump.

It's best to let Metrowaste handle your waste disposal because rubbish dumps have a list of things they accept or reject. When you go through a middleman, where we come in, you avoid getting rejected when you get to an Adelaide rubbish dump.

You'll also save yourself the stress of having to look for the rubbish dump that's closest to your home. While this is the most important way to assist you with your rubbish dump, we have other waste disposal services that would benefit you.

Some of these services are:

Mini Bin services

We offer mini bin rental services; you select the mini bin or skip sizes you want and wait for it to be delivered. With our mini bin services, you can choose how long you'll be needing a bin for, whether it's a day, week or month. 

When you've selected a duration, then you'll tell us how frequently you'll want us to pick it up, whether you want your trash picked up every week, twice a week or every day. Our bin rental services are available for both household and commercial purposes.

Mini bins are essential because you'll need to get your bin when you decide to be responsible for your own waste. This bin must be qualified and capable of handling all the waste you produce in your home or business. Interested in renting a bin? Contact us.

Waste pick-ups

Another way we can help out is by coming to your home or business location to pick up the waste produced. So if you're a landscaper, we can come to pick up your green waste. Into constructions? No problem, as we're experienced and certified to handle asbestos disposal.

Another plus with us is that we accept waste that would be rejected in most places. Paints, tyres, batteries etc., are all welcome at Metro waste.

Bring all the waste you have to us; call us with any questions you have!